Kathryn Bryan

1440 Sundt Lane
Stoughton, WI 53589


2002-2003 University of Montana, Missoula, MT
Certificate in Geographic Information Systems
•        Introduction, intermediate and advanced classes in ArcView GIS, including
aerial imagery / remote sensing.

Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
M.S. Demography
• Master’s Thesis, “Using Demography and GIS in Retail Site Selection.”

Villanova University, Villanova, PA
B.S.B.A. International Business Management
•        French National Honor Society
•        International Business Society
• Habitat for Humanity

Professional Experience

2004 GIS Business Services Analyst
EDS, Madison, WI
•        Develop and maintain online GIS site for the Wisconsin immunization registry
(this is an internal website for state employees and immunization providers).

•        Compile and analyze data (as requested) using business objects and/or SQL
from the complete Medicaid database for the state of Wisconsin.

•        Create ad hoc GIS maps and analysis based on WI Medicaid and WI
Seniorcare and Badgercare date (Seniorcare and Badgercare are health
plan/services provided by the State of Wisconsin)

2001-2003 Project Manager \ Mapping Technician
Cogent Communications, Washington, DC
•        Supported the Real Estate, Sales and Construction division with geographic
information system (GIS) and database analysis.  Performed extensive spatial and
relational data analysis on corporate client databases to enhance and support
marketing and customer support.
•        Served as GIS technical liaison to the director of network planning and the
• Developed custom GIS and database programs to automate repetitive analytic
• Combined and coordinated geographic and attribute data of fiber optic networks
and information from multiple departments into a data repository.  
• Digitized fiber optic routes from paper maps, and associated attribute and spatial
data well as buffers for all networks.    
• Continuously updated GIS to reflect fiber network changes and competitors

1999-2001 Senior Analyst, Market Development
Wireless Facilities, Inc., Reston, VA
•        Served as primary GIS analyst on the preliminary build out of a point to multi-
point fixed wireless network providing communication services to businesses.  
Assisted in strategic planning, supplied information on selected sites, maintained GIS
related databases, and provided miscellaneous maps and reports upon request.
•        Completed requests for multiple clients.  Requests most often include DSL
analysis, as well as mapping and demographic analysis needed for market and
network planning and deployment.  
•        Helped lead development of GIS component of the national wirecenter
database.  Estimate infrastructure development and utilization – as well as
demographic and economic information for each wirecenter.  
• Researched national wireless telecommunications business information, including
FCC wireless auctions and bandwidth ownership.

1998-1999 GIS Specialist
SAIC, Vienna, VA
•        Sub-contractor to Boeing Inc. RCAS project (Reserve Component Automation
System) for the U.S. Army National Guard and Reserves.
•        Worked with Logistics & Maintenance division in the tracking and analysis of
equipment fielded in over 13,000 sites across the world.
•        Maintained database of all Army National Guard and Reserve sites worldwide.
•        Generated maps and graphs detailing site and workstation locations, and
trends in equipment failures.
•        Used MapBasic programming to automate everyday processes.
• Updated graphic user interfaces created in Access databases.

1996-1998 GIS/Database Analyst II
Blockbuster Entertainment, Dallas, TX
•        Through GIS, database management, and demographic techniques, supported
the Site Development Technology Department in determining financial impact of
proposed stores on existing stores.  
•        Responsible for analyzing complex business information and presenting clear
analysis and reports to senior Blockbuster Entertainment executives.
•        Created detailed maps and demographic reports using MapInfo and Infomark
(Equifax) for existing store trade zones, as well as for proposed sites.
•        Completed special projects for outside departments (marketing, market
research, corporate relations, human resources) using customer transactions,
demographic, and competitor data.
•        Managed beta testing, training, and support for the in-house developed real
estate GIS (REGIS).  Edited the technical documentation and user’s manual for the
REGIS system.
•        Responsible for managing and organizing all existing (departmental)
databases and researching new sources of economic and demographic data.

1994-1996 Research Assistant
Center for the Study of Population, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
•        Assisted in multiple demographic and population related research projects,
including: bus route planning, federal political redistricting cases, school enrollment
projections, in-migrants profiling for the state legislature, mapping USDA designated
criteria to help determine feeding sites for the Florida Dept. of Education’s Summer
Food Program.  
•        Developed extensive experience in Census Bureau geographic and economic
data – such as PUMS, STFs, SSTFs, current population surveys, and TIGER/Line files.
•        Internship at the Florida State Health Office (HRS) in Tallahassee, FL.  
Produced July mid-year population estimates and projections for the state of Florida
and its counties for the years 1960-2000.
•        Participated in a special project for the Orlando bureau of the USA Today
Newspaper.  Created a geographic database of the USA Today outlets, generated
thematically shaded maps to depict the outlets and volume of sales, population
density per census tract, and to analyze current level of sales.  The information
generated was used to choose new outlet locations and determine optimum
inventory levels.

Additional Professional Activities

• GIS map production and analysis: ArcView, MapInfo/MapBasic, Vertical Mapper,
•        Professional Associations:  Population Association of America, Southern
Demographic Association
•        Co-wrote new appendix on GIS for the upcoming revision to The Methods and
Materials of Demography.  
•        MapInfo/MapBasic training (10/96, MapInfo Corp., Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
•        Equifax NDS Infomark for Windows (12/96, Equifax, Atlanta, GA)
•        Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) class (7/97, Berger & Co., Dallas, TX)
•        Intermediate Microsoft Access (10/97, Catapult, Dallas, TX)
•        Lotus Notes Fundamentals (11/97, Catapult, Dallas, TX)
•        Experience with the following:  SAS and SPSS, MS Office, Quattro Pro, Word
Perfect, Stardata Geocoder, Infomark for windows